Wildkeeper Redfox Male กระเป๋ากุญแจหมาจิ้งจอกตัวผู้

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product featuresWHY WILDKEEPER

- Quick, easy, and convenient to all adventures lovers

- Keeping your keys in place and protecting them from scratches

- Being user friendly with a removable holding-strap that can change your wildkeeper to a lovely key chain product materials

WILDKEEPER PACKAGINGpackaging Product size : W 14.4 cm x H 13.1 cm x D 1 cm

Packaging size : W 12.2 cm H 14.8 cm D 2.4 cm

Weight (including package) : 55 grams



Know more about me HELLO, I AM

redfox male

I am the most widely distributed members of the order Carnivora, I can live in many diversified habitat all Tundra, Desert, Coniferous forest. I can even adapt well in Urban area too.

redfox habitat

As I am the one who are travelling addicted "This is my little journey and I am waiting for a new journey with you :) redfox journey


I am not single anymore >< she is my soulmate redfox female link https://www.unmelt.store/th/product/414197/product-414197


I also have many friends in other species...

other species

Redfox male: https://bit.ly/2OF6ymD

Koal male: https://bit.ly/2YJLrUG

Wildcat male: https://bit.ly/2Uf4iZy

Brown bear male: https://bit.ly/2Ua34yn

Sheep male: https://bit.ly/2TOwhtM

Squirrel male: https://bit.ly/2UmkFm3

Penguin male: https://bit.ly/2WC1iTA

Sloth male: https://bit.ly/2V8krfr

Sea otter male: https://bit.ly/2YEPWjv


Other items of my species

variety of items you can explore more redfox relative 

wildbag (side bag) : https://bit.ly/2JVVTW9

wildclip (baby) : https://bit.ly/2FRneEV

wild pillow : https://bit.ly/2HRelNK

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